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Providing engineering services. Design and Analysis, Engineering certification examination. Inspect and certify energy management. Project consultants, public and private.

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con engineering company limited

The company focuses on flexible meet the needs of different customers is an energy management consultant and comprehensive engineering “aiming to become an international standard engineering company”

Project consultants for government and private

Inspection and certification services
Engineering &
Energy management

Design and installation services for various systems in industrial plants and building systems

Service for measuring the efficiency of machinery and equipment

Organize a training program on energy management

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​We provide design consulting services. System installation Solve engineering problems System for energy management, training, public and private project work comprehensive engineering certification examination Performance measurement of machinery / equipment Establish measures for maximum efficiency. research and development of machine innovations (R&D and I). Design and distribute engineering analysis programs and online teaching materials. at present, the company has been accepted by the factory / control building. Which has provided advice and systematically installed factories for all industrial groups throughout the country


Inspect and certify energy management Energy management system consultant Project work from the public and private sectors. Find sustainable energy saving solutions in the organization, leading to substantial energy cost reductions Organize training programs related to various courses Such as Awareness Program for Energy Saving, Techniques for analyzing specific energy consumption per production (SEC), Preparation of energy management reports that comply with ministerial regulations, etc. For the establishment So that the personnel have the knowledge and can put into practice


Legal inspection work such as electrical system check, Crane check, Fire alarm system check ,Perform performance checks of machinery / equipment To determine the efficiency and energy loss in order to prolong the service life. Design services, installation, maintenance of preventive transformers, such as high voltage transformers, MDB cabinets, pole wire installation As well as signing for the security of various systems By a team of specialized engineers who have expertise and are recognized by industrial groups nationwide


Annual building inspection service according to 9 types of law, namely hotel type, high-rise building, factory, extra large building Auditorium buildings, people gatherings, theaters and signs

IN Innovation, design, analysis and installation

Design, analyze, install engineering Machinery equipment, such as the design of all types of heat exchangers, piping systems, design, distribution, engineering analysis programs and online teaching media, etc., conducting research and development of machine innovations (R&D AND I) focusing on correct engineering principles by expert engineers at the level Sungwut Engineer

Distributor Heat Exchanger Ecocomizer

And installed a heat exchanger (Economizer) to recycle waste heat from boiler to design according to ASME standards.

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con engineering company limited con engineering company limited We operate professionally. Because we produce personnel And all works with thorough and thoughtfulness by a team of experts directly

We aim to Develop the potential

con engineering company limited We are committed to the development of organizations, personnel, and the determination to produce works that are globally recognized. Aiming to be a leading international engineering company

Inspected and certified according to international standards.

The company is an engineering certifier Is a project consultant for entrepreneurs With a flexible service To meet the different needs of all industry groups Which gained confidence Continued service until now

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More than 150 factories / buildings

You can contact us for details. Related to the service 24 hours a day